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  • 2011.03.16 Wednesday
  • 09:41

 First and for most, I pray for the the victims that passed away from this disaster, and my heart aches for those going through the ongoing hardships.
Though in little steps, Tokyo is definitely going back in to the normal every-day life.
However, there a lot of negativity in regards to information going around,
and this does make us feel dogged down at times.
After the disaster, I think all of us collectively thought;
"What can I possibly do?"
I thought about the things that I can personally do to help.
As someone that has been in Harajuku for quite  a while, at this point, I thought that I should do something from Harajuku, and I came to the conclusion that I should report what is going on in Harajuku to the rest of the world.
Right now, Harajuku is extremely quiet. Only around 70% of the shops are open.
Compared to before, there are barely any people walking around.
In such situation, my store, 6%DOKIDOKI, has been open from Sunday, 2 days after the earthquake.
I had to go through a lot of thoughts, but a customer came into our store very early on sunday; she had traveled from San Francisco, and had been excited about visiting us. I thought to myself, even though we have to conserve electricity, we really do need to keep the store open!
I will repeat myself, but although we are taking little steps, we are definitely going back to our normal lives.
While looking from the rest of the world, Harajuku is a place that is admired.
It is a rare area that Japan can be proud of for constantly transmitting interesting information from a very edgy angle.
If Harajuku loses its power, I have a strong feeling that Tokyo, Japan will lose a lot of its appeal. I want to let people know that we don't want Harajuku, Tokyo or Japan to lose anything from the earthquake; and I think that by letting people know our thoughts, it would definitely encourage them as well.
I am naming this project 【MIGHTY HARAJUKU PROJECT】,
and show the world what is going on in Harajuku through photographs and simple words.
I want to show the reality, both good and bad, of Harajuku to the rest of the world.
Everything will be posted in both the Japanese and English facebook and twitter.
We did not have much time to prepare,
but we are also going to work with for this project.
(I just happened to bump into T from by conincidence in
Harajuku, and we both decided to put enthusiasm into Harajuku. What a great
To advocate,
please transmit and tweet the appearance of Harajuku freely
on twitter with hashtag "#m_harajuku".
Timeline of "#m_harajuku"!/search?q=%23m_harajuku
@sebastea(Masuda Sebastian)
Contact information:
Though the main language is English on Facebook,
please press "share" button,
put information on your timeline.

Masuda Sebastian
Contact information:
Thank you!
We vow to MIGHTY HARAJUKU!!!!!
March 14th, 2011 Masuda Sebastian
This whole thing is so sad - I keep everyone that's been affected in my prayers and have donated to the Japanese Red Cross already.
I was supposed to go to Tokyo, Japan this April but we had to cancel our trip due to the uncertainty of everything..but I will definately be rescheduling as soon as things have calmed down. Your store is definately a priority visit for me :) This project is a good idea because there is so much misinformation going around - it's really confusing - especially as someone from the outside. I would love to know how things really are so maybe instead of a year I can reschedule sooner. Stay strong.
  • Nicole
  • 2011/03/16 11:46 PM
this is such a good idea. I cant wait to read and share.
  • diana
  • 2011/03/17 3:14 AM
You are so brave! I have a vintage store in south of UK and after i had a big house fire 18 miobnths ago, i have a tiny tiny insight into how things are for you. Be strong - be brave - be "fashion" - we are with you. Hug.
From México i wish you the best of the sucess in this proyect! i'll suport it!
Gambatte Tokyo!

Im so happy to hear that you will report from Harajuku! I think it matters when someone like you let others, like us outside of Japan, se what is going on and of course also important for the people in Tokyo.

I had a vacation booked to come and visit you at 6%DOKIDOKI but I had to cancel it because our aitline doesnt go to Japan just now.

As soon as everything about the nuclear plants are "cooled" down, I will rebook my trip and come and see you.

  • emma
  • 2011/03/27 10:46 PM
I began reading this and i got excited then...
I dont know.

Harajuku is the last place i was thinking to help out in Japan, other places that were directly hit by the disaster deserve more attention.
Harajuku wont lose its appeal. THe disaster is more important than not being able to go shopping.
Sorry - this made me a bit sad.
  • Trozi
  • 2011/04/01 1:56 PM
In these times, people need hope as well as material aid.
Yes, Harajuku fashions are a luxury.
However, the spirit of "We're in this together - Let's get life back to normal as soon as we can" helps keep the events in mind.
Many big Japanese businesses have scaled down their operations in response to the disasters: Let the small businesses continue if they can!
As we say here "Go for it!"
  • OzFerret
  • 2011/04/15 2:47 PM

Hello and sorry if this is the wrong place to contact (so please feel free to delete)

Modern Tokyo Times just published an article about 6%DOKIDOKI.

I am glad that your trip to North America went so well and great to see a Tokyo company which is international in outlook and so creative.

Lee Jay
  • Lee Jay
  • 2011/05/16 10:00 AM


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